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The Illegal transactions of North Korean: Restaurants and Hospitals along with Detective network


July 02, 2018, Kathmandu, Nepal police enhances the security alert due to the 'illegal activities' by North Korean in Nepal.  Police Investigation has shown different activities of North Koreans like they come to Nepal and work illegally, Travel without any purpose and operate business illegally with the coordination of different people which make increases in security sensitiveness.

Incident No – 1

On 21th Baisakh, Police did raid in Korean restaurant of Durbarmarga on the basis of secret information given to them. The information was- some of the North Korean citizens are working without working visa. Hence, the information was proved right when police arrested 11 people including 10 ladies from Pyongyang Arirang Restaurant. North Koreans have established detective means in different restaurants in Nepal.


Incident No – 2

On the first week of last kartik, NIC ASIA Bank system was hacked and the amount of 46 corer 56 lakhs, 50 thousand rupees was stolen .From the  long investigation by Nepal police Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB), it was identified that North Korean infamous 'Lazarus Group' was active in this crime. That group is also named as 'Cobra'. They had transferred the hacked amount of Rupees 46.5 corer to different countries of the world among which only 7 corer rupees had made possible to return. It is disclosed from the Police Investigation of police source that North Korean operates their detective means through different restaurants, earn money and send it to their own country.

North Koreans are also in illegal doctors

It is disclosed that North Korean doctors also come to Nepal and working here  without work permit. The police source  has indicated  that North Koreans who came to Nepal in Business Visa  are examining the patient in Ne-Koryo Hospital in  Damauli, Tanahu and Safer Hospital of Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur which is operated by Nepali citizen themselves in Kanchanpur. There are 10 North Koreans working in Ne-Koryo hospital among them 8 are doctors and 2 are working in administration according to police source. 


Smuggling along with detective's network

Before 2046 B.S , North Korean citizens had come to Nepal for various smuggling. They have also been caught for gold smuggling said by former DIG. Hemanta Malla Thakuri. But now, North Koreans want to make Nepal as Business Hub. There are restaurants in Korean investment in Kathmandu along with different places of the country. According to former DIG Thakuri, The main plan of North Koreans is to invest in commercial sector and to detect in western countries.


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